About the first collection “The Diatoms”

The first collection “The Diatoms” (in French : “Les Diatomées”) is the original and emblematic jewelry collection of Sœur & Mer.

Because just like trees, plankton are responsible for the oxygen we can breathe, it is of primary importance to understand the impact of pollution and climate changes on their evolution. A mission at the heart of the research carried out by the association that our brand Sœur & Mer supports.

Among them, diatoms are single-celled brown microalgae that make up most of phytoplankton and produce a quarter of the Earth's oxygen.

At the base of the marine food chain, diatoms are very sensitive to pollution, which can deform their exoskeleton.

Plankton are magnificent : “The Diatoms” collection of high fantasy is a treasure brought back from the depths of the ocean. 
The collection first jewelry pieces: necklaces and long necklaces, earrings, in solid silver and silver gilded with 24-carat gold.
In the near future : bracelets, rings, and jewelry pieces adorned with turquoise or emerald colored stones.

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