About our first collection

On a diving trip at the sea with her family, Soeur & Mer’s founder found herself swimming among not only fish, but seemingly never-ending garbage and plastic, too. She was shocked to see such copious amounts of waste in an area where it never should have been in the first place. 

Inspired by her mission to protect the environment, she searched for a symbol to represent her message– something powerful and intriguing, yet beautiful. That’s when she learned that phytoplankton are not only the base of the food chain, but also the producers of nearly half the world’s oxygen. Not to mention, she was blown away by their striking geometric patterns under a microscope. She quickly gathered that she was not alone in her unawareness of the impact of these nearly invisible aquatic powerhouses. 

Enchanted by her discovery, she set out to make the invisible marvel in nature visible to the world, thus designing her first and core collection: the Diatoms.