Our brand Sœur & Mer


The brand Soeur & Mer was born not so long ago however feels like it was born with an old soul,   one of a sailor, an explorer with a deep love for the ocean, its inhabitants, mysteries and profound respect for the power it has over life.

The founder of Sœur & Mer, carrying that soul, decided to act for the protection of our oceans, a treasure that mankind has the power to protect or destroy.

Soeur & Mer was inspired by the ocean and nature to create beautiful pieces of jewelry.

The first collection of the brand is called “The Diatoms” and is a tribute to the planktons responsible for nearly half of the oxygen we breathe every day.

Through this collection we aim to raise awareness and curiosity towards protecting our oceans by making Planktons a symbol of one’s commitment to the environmental cause.

Close your eyes and touch your Sœur & Mer “talisman” on your skin, you can reconnect with the marine life that enables you to breathe, reconnect with the ecosystem you are a part of, feel like you are one with the Universe.

You can feel the Earth, The Water, picture the Sky, trees, plants, nature around, nature within, and value other forms of life that share the same planet as you like they are a gift too, everything clicks together the marine life that sustains them.

Sœur & Mer pieces of jewelry have been crafted with an unprecedented level of minute detail in order to reveal the perfection that nature offers us, even in the infinitely small.

For every purchase of a Sœur & Mer piece of jewelry, 5% is donated to our partner, the Tara Ocean Foundation for the preservation of marine life. 



The brand favors noble materials, solid silver and 24-carat gold. Our jewels are guaranteed nickel-free and are designed to minimize the risk of allergy.

We are very proud that our supplier based in Lyon (France) obtained the certification for recycled gold and is in the process of being obtained for the recycled silver.

As part of its responsible approach, and to make the pieces of jewelry last, Sœur & Mer invites its customers to protect them with a set of recommendations.

In order to reduce waste, Sœur & Mer carries out a 0 stock policy : manufacture of products is on demand once orders are confirmed, with a delay of two to three weeks except in exceptional cases.