Our values


Soeur & Mer believes in the innate maternal instinct for women to protect what they cherish. Being a marvel worn by a living marvel, our jewelry serves as a reminder that our ecosystem is to be cherished. By wearing our pieces, we want women to feel a sense of connection with both the awe-inspiring nature that surrounds them and the sisters that support them in their pursuit of protection.  

We see humanity as one familial band of brothers and sisters, inextricably linked to one another and the Earth on which we reside. Our jewelry reflects the complex trinity between nature, family, and the self, each united under the fact that it is a marvelous and miraculous creation. 

In short, we should feel as close to nature as we do to the members of our family.



According to us, curiosity is essential so that individuals can harmoniously integrate themselves in their complex ecosystem without offsetting its delicate balance. Our curiosity to unveil the mysteries and wonders of the world we live in is what drives us. Our original creations are each drawn from scientific discoveries made on the living world. We aim to highlight the mesmerizing intricacy and mathematically-precise detail we find in the living.



In seeking to protect what is living, Soeur et Mer is committed to using sustainably sourced recycled materials in our pieces, producing locally, and ensuring that our products are of high enough quality to be durable with little waste.

The brand favors noble materials, solid silver and 24-carat gold. Our jewels are guaranteed nickel-free and are designed to minimize the risk of allergy.

In order to reduce waste, Sœur & Mer carries out a 0 stock policy : manufacture of products is on demand once orders are confirmed, with a delay of two to three weeks except in exceptional cases.