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Notre engagement pour l’Océan

Donations for the Ocean

Partner of the Tara Ocean Foundation

By creating stunning pieces of jewelry inspired by nature, our brand Sœur & Mer aims to raise the population’s awareness of the incredible intelligence of our ecosystem, and its fragile balance that needs to be protected for the sake of our future generations.

For each jewel sold, 5% is donated to the Tara Ocean Foundation. The Tara Ocean Foundation is the first foundation in France to be recognised as promoting the public interest dedicated to the ocean.

Founded in 2003 by Agnès Troublé known as agnès b. and chaired by Etienne Bourgois, the Tara Ocean Foundation is leading a scientific revolution around this ecosystem. With its associated scientific consortia, it is developing an innovative and original open ocean science which, in the future, will enable us to predict, anticipate, better understand climate risks and better protect biodiversity.

Tara Ocean uses high-level scientific expertise and sea expeditions to collect data, learn, teach the public and influence decision makers.

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