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Notre histoire

Our story

As our founder became a mother, an instinct to protect her child awoke in her. For her, this instinct manifested itself into a growing awareness of the environment. She needed the earth to be livable tomorrow for her child, and in making an ecological effort, she was doing her part in protecting that future.

Knowing that others around the world would share the same maternal propensity to protect their children, she felt inspired to create something beautiful that would send a positive message of environmental protection, rather than scaring people into caring.

Quickly, it became clear to her to use jewelry as a sublime vessel in which the wearer can be perpetually reminded of their innate link with nature and the fragile beauty it possesses.

Sœur & Mer became a tangible, meaningful, active effort to do good for the world around us, with the goal of helping our fellow sisters regain that same love for nature, leading future generations to do the same.

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Nos valeurs

Our values

FAMILY Soeur & Mer believes in the innate maternal instinct for women to protect what they cherish. Being a marvel worn by a living marvel, our jewelry serves as a reminder that our e...

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