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À propos de notre première collection “Les diatomées”

About our first “Diatoms” collection

The concept for Sœur & Mer's first collection was born on a diving trip, when far off the coast, in a place where theoretically humans could not leave their mark, the founder was shocked to see continuous swarms of plastic waste.

The founder of Sœur & Mer set out in search of the object of her creation: a symbol of the miracle of life, of intelligence in nature. Her research led her to discover microscopic photographs of phytoplankton, seaweed with its incredible shapes and complex geometric patterns, the source of two-thirds of the Earth's oxygen.

Creating a jewelry collection in their image, revealing their beauty and explaining the role of phytoplankton, became an obvious choice: with the first “Diatoms” collection, invisible creatures essential to life become visible.

Jewels of the microscopic world, diatoms, unicellular brown microalgae, are present in all aquatic environments.

These champions of photosynthesis make up the majority of phytoplankton, playing a vital role in marine ecosystems, and producing almost half of the Earth's oxygen.

At the base of the marine food chain, diatoms are highly sensitive to pollution, which can deform their exoskeleton.

They are incredibly beautiful.

The first pieces in the collection: bracelets, necklaces, long necklaces and earrings, in 925 sterling silver and 24-carat gold-plated sterling silver.

Soon, we'll also be offering rings, as well as pieces sometimes adorned with turquoise or emerald-colored stones.

The high-fantasy Diatoms collection is a treasure brought back from the depths of the ocean.

See the "Diatoms" jewelry collection by Sœur & Mer

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