Taking care of this piece of jewelry to make it last

The best way to preserve your piece of jewelry is to give it the proper care.

Your piece of jewelry is jewel is the result of craftsmanship and is to be handled with delicate care. All our pieces are made
of noble materials in solid silver or silver plated with 24-carat gold.

We recommend that you:

  • never wear it during activities that could damage it, such as sports, aquatic or manual activity
  • also never take a shower, bath or steam while wearing it.
  • do not expose it to strong heat or strong temperature variations, corrosive products or perfumes.
  • store your piece of jewelry in its Sœur & Mer pouch provided in a fabric allowing the jewel to access air and also store it individually so that it does not get scratched by being in contact with other jewels.

If your piece of jewelry has oxidized, a “home-made recipe” might do more harm than good: take it to a professional who can restore it by for example resilvering it or replating the silver with gold.