Littoral earrings, 24 kt Gold Plated


The “Littoral” earrings are made of solid sterling silver plated with 24 carat gold.

The sterling silver and 24-carat gold are certified recycled by our supplier based in Lyon (France).

About the Collection “The Diatoms” (in French “Les Diatomées”’)

Like the rest of the collection, the “Littoral” earrings represent the plankton, the natural jewel of the microscopic world in the Ocean. More specifically among the plankton, diatoms are single- celled brown microalgae that make up most of the phytoplankton and produce a quarter of the Earth oxygen. The particularity of diatoms is to have a membrane surrounded by a transparent siliceous shell, sensitive to pollution.

Because Diatoms are magnificent and precious for life, they need to be protected: that is why our brand Sœur & Mer dedicated its first collection to them in order to raise awareness as they are unknown to most people.

Thanks to you, through your acquisition of one of our pieces of jewelry, our brand is able to make a 5% donation to the Tara Ocean Foundation, developing an innovative and original open ocean science which, in the future, will enable us to predict, anticipate, better understand climate risks and better protect biodiversity.

About the “Littoral” earrings :

Close to a work of art, the design nearly presents four thousand five hundred details to reveal the mathematical beauty that can be found in real life with the “Littoral” Diatom, that measures a fraction of millimeter and yet is so beautiful and complex it is close to perfection.
It is nicknamed "the Surf" because of its shape.

Also available in solid sterling silver.

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The best way to preserve your jewelry piece is to give it the proper care

Your precious piece of jewelry is the result of craftsmanship and is to be handled with delicate care. All our pieces are made
of noble materials in solid silver or silver plated with 24-carat gold.

We recommend that you:

  • never wear your piece of jewelry during activities that could damage it, such as sports, aquatic or manual activity
  • also never take a shower, bath or steam while wearing it.
  • do not expose it to strong heat or strong temperature variations, corrosive products or perfumes.
  • store your jewel in its Sœur & Mer pouch provided in a fabric allowing the piece of jewelry to access air and also store it individually so that it does not get scratched by being in contact with other pieces of jewelry.
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 In order to reduce waste, our sustainable brand Sœur & Mer has implemented a zero stock policy : our workshop i Paris hand manufactures the jewelry is on demand once orders are confirmed, within two to three weeks in most cases.

You will receive an email  to confirm the  order has been placed and once shipped you will receive another confirmation email along with a tracking number. 

Delivery costs and times depend on the delivery address. 

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